Setting up Pharo on my new System

Sorry for the delay in this week’s blog post. I have been busy with some activities in my University. So, after waiting for a long time, I have updraded to a new laptop recently. And in the process of setting up Pharo on the new laptop I faced a few problems, which I thought are worth explaining. So, in this blog post, I would like to go through my experience of the same.

Before going into the blog post, let me mention the spec of my system to be clear.


  • 15.6 Full HD 1920*1080 Screen
  • i7 7th Generation Processor
  • 250 GB SSD
  • Nvidia GTX 950M 2GB Graphic Card

FYI: No! I am not bragging about the specs! ๐Ÿ˜‰

As soon as I got my laptop, as it already has Windows 10 installed, I tried dual booting it withย  Ubuntu. As I already had a 14.04 bootable USB, I tried it. After installation, I noticed that the wifi is not working. The network card is not being recognized. So, I tried installing 16.04 this time. But, still the same issue. I thought the latest kernel would have resolved this problem. This time, I download 16.04.02 and installed it. And BaDam!! The wifi started working. (Note: During the installation, I chose to encrypt my home folder).

Next step was to install Pharo. With a bit of experience in Pharo, I have used Zeroconf scripts and downloaded Vm70 and image 70. After the download, Pharo was successfully running. It was great to see it run on a large screen with good resolution ๐Ÿ™‚ (my old system was a 720p 13′ screen ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ). As I had a backlog in which I had to resolve a code conflict, I have decided to do this first after the Pharo installation. I opened Iceberg and tried to clone my repository. There it was, the first problem.


Notice it? The font in the text field is very very small. After trying to work around it for some time, I thought I will ask about it on discord. I was told it was a DPI problem. And then I searched ‘resolution pharo’ on the mailing list and found a few posts (I know, I should have searched first and then ask on discord ). After going through the posts, this is what I learnt. The problem was with the high resolution. The solution was to lower the resolution in order for it to function properly. And yeah, lowering the resolution solved the problem.

Then I continued to start cloning a respository. And there was a error in cloning ๐Ÿ˜ฆ . This was the second problem. I tried to do it again and again to check if it isn`t any repository error. But, it was not any repo error. This is what the error says in the terminal

LGit_GIT_ERROR: Could not open '/home/........path' for writing: File name too long

And again the same story. Tried to check if there is a work around, and googled it for a bit and asked on the discord channel. There wasn`t any reply for this. So, I thought it must be a lame question and started to search about it again. After a few searches, I changed the search from ‘File name too long Pharo’ to ‘File name too long linux’. And then a few links revelead the problem might be encrypting my home folder. So, I thought let me verify this. So, I have added a new user and this time I didn`t encrypt the home folder. And I repeated the same, used the scripts and downloaded the files. And this time it is working perfectly. Hence, the problem is with encrypting my home folder.

So, now I have to lower my resolution in order for Pharo to work fine and I have to use a unencrypted folder to run Pharo on. I apparently spent some good amount of time on this, trying to understand the problem and figuring out the solution. I thought a blog post like this would help someone in the future. Till next one.

I might be wrong with the solutions of these problems. Please fell free to give your feedback and comments. Thanks in advance.



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