The time when I broke the Pharo image

Sometimes we mess up the system by experimenting and loiting around core parts of the code. Apparently I did the same. As I am currently working on integrating Clap-st with the commandline, I happened to fiddle with session manager and activate methods. And the result was I broke the image and whenever I try to […]

Cross Platform with Pharo

What is Cross Platform? Cross platform is something which can be implemented in different environments. The OSPlatform class in Pharo makes it easier to write cross- platform applications. In this blog post, I will go through how to write cross-platform applications of Pharo. It is very easy to implement applications based on the platform in […]

$PWD vs getcwd() To get the current working directory, there are various ways like command ‘pwd’, variable ‘$PWD’, getcwd(), etc. In this post, I would like to go through two methods ‘$PWD’ and ‘getcwd()’, the benefits and drawbacks of each. $PWD The POSIX definition of $PWD is PWD This variable shall represent an absolute pathname of the […]